Casa Baldo

Casa Baldomero opened in 1915 next to the old Casa Balanzá. At that time, Don Baldomero Estellés, who had already been working there for some years, inherited the business from a relative. At first it was a grocery shop that had its own coffee roastery and also sold spices, sausages, craft beers, cheeses and butters. In 1928, architect Javier Goerlich designed the new Balanzá Building and the building shared by Baldo and Balanzá was demolished. It was then that Casa Baldomero was established in calle Ribera 5, its current location. In 1958 the business changed direction, adapting itself to the tastes of the time, and installed a coffee bar on the opposite corner, which was renamed Casa Baldo. Years later it changed owners and was called Cervecería Baldo until 2021, but it had already lost part of the historical essence of the establishment.

In December 2022, Casa Baldo opened its doors under the name of Casa Baldo 1915, maintaining the vintage aroma of the bars and terraces of the mid-20th century. What awaits us at Casa Baldo? A wonderful refurbishment that takes us back to the golden age of Valencian coffee bars, a beautiful terrace to enjoy outdoors, a menu with a wide range of tapas and dishes to share, all the flavour of the rice dishes of our land with the know-how of Gastro Trinquet Group, numerous references to Valencian pilota sport and all the enthusiasm that we always put into each new project.


Our menu is based on Valencian gastronomy, local products and the touch of the embers, without forgetting both paella-style and creamy rice dishes. Last but not least, the sweet touch with modern versions of Valencian desserts.

Roberto Ramírez's suggestion

Cantabrian Sea hake in tempura with tartar sauce. We prepare the hake in a light tempura and finish the dish with a very mild tartar sauce that we prepare daily in the restaurant. The mixture of the juicy hake with the crunchiness of the tempura and the mild acidity of the tartar sauce make this dish one of my favourites on the menu - highly recommended!

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