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The trinquet is the court where the sport of Valencian pilota is played. Grupo Gastro Trinquet opened its first restaurant in the historic Trinquet de Pelayo, also known as "La Catedral de l'escala i corda". In all our restaurants we introduce decorative details related to the autochthonous sport of Valencia.


We are committed to the traditional gastronomy of the Valencian Community and we give it a modern touch, respecting the products offered by our land. Our menus never lack rice dishes. And in our pantry, top quality rice from Molino Roca. PABLO MARGÓS, the Group's executive chef, grew up surrounded by paellas and firewood in his native Xiva. Nobody like him, the third generation of a saga of master paella chefs, to act as an ambassador for rice.


As in Valencia, in our restaurants you can breathe art and creativity. We work hand in hand with Fallas artists, ceramists, industrial designers, illustrators, carpenters, architects and interior designers to showcase the talent of our land.


We are where the city is most alive, in the centre. Pelayo Gastro Trinquet welcomes you to the mythical Trinquet de Pelayo. Vaqueta Gastro Mercat is located in front of the Mercat Central de València. Casa Baldo 1915, a few steps away from the Plaça de l'Ajuntament, revives a classic of Valencian hospitality from the 20th century.